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Revolutionary Tax Planning for Accounting Firms

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Triple Your Income!

Triple Your Firm’s Income by Visualizing Tax Savings to Your Clients

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TaxPlanIQ Gives You

  • Accounting Firm App ClockReduce Time & Potential Mistakes
  • Accounting Firm App Up ArrowROI Updates
  • Accounting Firm App ConversationCustomer Interaction Simplified
  • Accounting Firm App GroupTax Planning Team at Your Fingertips
  • Accounting Firm App CheckmarkAdd-On Modules from for full workflow, invoicing, engagement letters, etc
  • Accounting Firm App ClockIncreased Response Time

60+ Tax Strategy Templates to Apply

Stay updated on the new and best tax strategies featuring attorney collaborated insights!

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Reduce Potential Mistakes & Time

Use TaxPlanIQ anywhere with confidence knowing you have the 2019 tax planner of the year on your side!

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TaxPlanIQ Features:

  • ROI Updates
  • Client Portal
  • Assign Tasks to Clients & Staff
  • Worksheets & Document Submissions
  • Attorney Approved Tax Strategies
  • IRS Guidance
  • Key Deadlines
  • Customized Firm Branding
  • Q&A With Founder Jackie Meyer


“TaxPlanIQ is a game changer!  It decreases time, increases accuracy – it is efficient all around.  This app streamlines the process so I won’t leave out any important strategies and can add in custom complex strategies when needed.   I can use TaxPlan IQ with any potential or existing client and custom tailor a tax plan for them and at the end I have a proposal package wrapped up with a bow.”

Louise Cochrane of LF Cochrane & Associates, Alameda CA

The TaxPlanIQ checklist is EXACTLY what we needed. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off bouncing around to clients asking if they have implemented XYZ or asking staff what the status of the plan is!  This should be very helpful.”

Greg O’Brien of Greg O’Brien CPA  Boston, MA

“This app helps me to organize and optimize my clients’ tax strategies! Quickly and easily I can quote clients how much money they will save, implement strategies, then prove the projections with results tracking. The different presentations of the ROI sheet and checklists are extremely useful for me, my team, and our clients (with helpful indicators or which are internal and external). It’s the gift that keeps on giving; the strategies are continually updated, meaning my ROI on the investment of this product is exponential!”

– Kendall Broda, Taxes By the Sea Oceanside, California

“It’s a great way to do tax planning because Jackie’s ROI visuals are like a supercharged Excel spreadsheet! It’s worth its weight in gold for the monthly fee!”

-Jeremy Stark, Norberg Davis Bourne Painter, Washington D.C.

Created by Accountants for Accountants:

Jackie Meyer – CEO of Meyer Tax Consulting, and Co-founder of The Concierge CPA™ Mastermind Program and The Concierge Accountant™ Course, now in a Joint venture with Qount, brings you TaxPlanIQ! Jackie specializes in providing innovative, tailored Tax Strategies Planning and Business Development and Leadership Coaching Programs to executive clientele ($5+ Mil+ Net Worth) for a high return on investment. She is a top-rated speaker, business coach, and social media influencer with thousands of students and followers.