By: Jackie Meyer, Meyer Tax

TaxPlanIQ – An Accounting Firm App for Accountants that will make your clients love you. 


Accounting firm apps for accountants aren’t just for the accountants that use them. These apps simplify the lives of your clients too. I couldn’t find any reputable one-stop-shop accounting firm apps for accountants, so I built one – TaxPlanIQ! 

As the co-founder of the Certified Concierge Accountant™ (and Self Study) for years, I had been perfecting running a 100% virtual accounting firm. I couldn’t find an accounting firm app for accountants that streamlined workflows, team and client communications, and gave me the ability to integrate my trademark “supercharged excel spreadsheets” for quoting tax planning services. 


I’ve always been a self-professed app junkie ordering food for my family, overseeing team communications while maintaining a “quiet office”, and listening to audiobooks. But I had never thought to develop one until it was out of necessity. Since there was no accounting firm app for accountants, I partnered with the experts at (Practice Management Software for accountants). They previously helped my firm to maintain online workflows with With TaxPlanIQ, we took the CRM several steps further to a complete all-in-one software experience in the form of an accounting firm app for accountants that would revolutionize accounting firms everywhere. 


This accounting firm app for accountants transforms small businesses. But how? 


Okay, I realize a lot of smart developers are creating amazing small business CRMs and software. But none improve the tax firm’s profitability like TaxPlanIQ. This accounting firm app for accountants drives your firm and your clients’ efficiencies, and everyone’s bottom line improves with more streamlined processes. 


So what makes TaxPlanIQ so great? Because it was made by a tax firm owner/operator, for tax firm operators and their teams! I know what the user experience (for all parties – the firm leader, the team, the clients) should entail. So I worked with fantastic software developers of Qount (formerly with Intuit) to create a place where all the puzzle pieces to smart tax planning come together. 


Small businesses can now harness what used only to be reserved exclusively for big companies – cloud-based solutions for smart streamlining of workflows.  

What are the top 10 advantages TaxPlanIQ offers as an accounting firm app for accountants?  


  1. TaxPlanIQ is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system specifically for tax planners. 

The accounting firm app for accountants is capable of managing all of the tax firm’s interactions with all tax professionals on your team and customers. It’s proven: streamlining processes = improved profitability. Tax planners can share, assign, and track tasks with clients and colleagues.


  1. TaxPlanIQ also offers accounting firms the ability to invoice clients and get paid faster. 

With a streamlined payment system, TaxPlanIQ begins eliminating delays or issues in processing payments – getting rid of preventable cash-flow issues! 


  1. TaxPlanIQ makes cumbersome paper trails magically disappear! 

This accounting firm app for accountants streamlines data entry by allowing for secure uploading of documents. Your clients won’t have to send in their paperwork the old fashioned way, and our team can devote their skills and time to more pressing matters! This elimination of inefficiencies saves you a lot of money on payroll and boosts your bottomline! When our team went virtual, we said goodbye forever to filing physical paperwork, and TaxPlanIQ allows you to, too. 


  1. TaxPlanIQ prevents accounting firm teams from endlessly swimming in excel spreadsheets by providing valuable templates. 

Templates include proven tax strategies and automated processes that you’d otherwise be repeating. If you genuinely want to move from just “processing” taxes for clients and mover into tax planning, you need to embrace this technology available for this accounting firm app for accountants. 


  1. Do everyone a favor and automate the process of uploading paperwork with TaxPlanIQ. 

Smart accounting technology makes it easy for clients to upload bills and receipts using their desktop, mobile device, email, or scanner – giving you access to the documents you need when you need them. 


  1. Your team will finally spend less time researching due to the ever-changing state and federal tax laws! [And everyone said, Hallelujah!]

Our team works with attorneys to ensure that the tax planning strategies available are usable and that your clients are eligible. Tax planners – please refer to the disclaimers. 


  1. TaxPlanIQ keeps your tax firm connected to your current and potential customers.

It tracks all business relationships (internal and external), including contact management and sales management. There will be no more sales falling through the cracks, or worse, out of the pipeline forever! 


  1. This app helps to optimize tax firms by serving as a complete resource library with over ten years of tax planning strategy success at your fingertips. 

This easily navigated accounting firm app with 30+ proven tax savings strategies (and constant updates from our team of trusted tax advisors) enables accountants to simply select from and customize plans according to clients’ needs. The database then pulls tax strategies to calculate potential cost savings to reveal ROI that your firm can offer to customers. TaxPlanIQ has the intuitive capability to filter strategies based on whether it is available to a business entity or individual. No more guessing games, endless research, or worrying about what strategies will work. Every month, our team uploads new ideas and links to IRS and third-party recommended vendors and other educational content. Your firm can always rest assured that they have access to the most updated, optimized tax strategy planning database on the market—* Strategies developed in collaboration with expert tax attorneys. The strategies consistently are shown to bring, on average, a 200%+ ROI for tax planning services and annual increased revenue by 35%.


  1. As cloud-based software, this tax planning app for accountants identifies opportunities to reduce taxes for clients. 

When developing tax strategies, outsourcing CFO work, or any other typical tax planning consultative service, your tax firm can easily estimate a cash value for that service—no more guessing and no more missed opportunities for sales.


  1. And the top reason why you need TaxPlanIQ is (drum roll, please!)…it calculates, presents, and then ACTUALLY PROVES your accounting firm’s worth to clients! 

It’s a tax firm app for accountants that improves workflow efficiencies when projecting and proving your services’ sticker price. Through automated calculations, an intuitive search feature for straightforward implementation of tax strategies, and the assigning and tracking of tax tasks, the app allows tax firms to convert existing valuable clients to higher valued tax planning services. 


And, BOOM, just like that, your accounting firm is finally scaling up to the Holy Grail of tax services – not just processing taxes but selling and providing top-notch tax planning services!