As the world has become increasingly digital, having an accounting firm app for accountants is now a critical part of a comprehensive support and service plan for any successful accounting firm.  

As a business coach for CPAs, accountants, and accounting firm owners, I understand the struggle to find and implement the right tools for your business and clients.  After years working in the industry, from founding Meyer Tax Consulting, LLC and, to serving on the Intuit Tax Council and the Forbes Finance Council, I’ve come across hundreds of tools and apps.  

I am often asked what is the best accounting firm app for accountants to help with tax planning, and for years I wasn’t fully satisfied with any of the options out there.  I believe it takes an accountant to understand the needs of an accountant so, in partnership with Qount, I created the most intuitive, powerful, and valuable accounting firm app for accountants on the market – TaxPlanIQ.  

TaxPlanIQ is a game-changing tax strategy software.  We know that our workflow must be detailed and precise, but that it can also cause confusion and frustration with our clients.  This accounting firm app for accountants helps by providing clarity, ease of use, and visualizations.  Perhaps most importantly for execution, it’s easy to train your team on and it provides a simple and straightforward way to present tax calculations to your clients.

We’ve put a lot of thought into this best-in-class accounting firm app for accountants, and I invite you to take a look if you need to take your firm to the next level.  You can find a list of features here:

What are the top 10 advantages TaxPlanIQ offers as an accounting firm app for accountants?


  1. TaxPlanIQ is a perfect tool for tax planners to help them better manage their customer database.
  2. TaxPlanIQ makes it much easier to invoice their tax prep customers while getting paid much faster for all firms using this accounting firm app.
  3. TaxPlanIQ eliminates difficult to follow paper trails to stay much better organized!
  4. TaxPlanIQ keeps tax preparation teams from wasting valuable time with excel spreadsheets and replaces them with easy to follow templates. 
  5. TaxPlanIQ automates the cumbersome process of uploading paperwork. 
  6. TaxPlanIQ dramatically reduces times spent researching thousands of confusing pages of federal and state tax laws.
  7. TaxPlanIQ better connects you and your tax prep team to your clients and prospects.
  8. TaxPlanIQ is an accounting firm app which optimizes your company by serving as a thorough tax resource library with over over a decade of proven tax planning strategy success at your fingertips. 
  9. TaxPlanIQ is a cloud-based tax planning software app which pinpoints opportunities to reduce taxes for their clients. 
  10. TaxPlanIQ provides excellent insights and reports for your clients to add tangible value to your clients – they will love the services you provide them. 


The best way to get started is trying the TaxPlanIQ at no cost to you for 2 full weeks. You’ll have access to 15 of our over 40 tax strategies. This allows you to produce valuable tax insights and reports to present to your clients and charge accordingly. 

Tap into these 10 great advantages now by going to TaxPlanIQ today.