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Tax Planning Case Study


An Old School Firm has 1,500 clients, that they bill at the same rate every year, and have a hard time increasing their fees to these clients. The average price that their clients pay is about $750 per 1040 return. The firm leaders worry every year that their revenue will be enough to cover their staff and overhead costs. Old School Firm also does not do any tax planning, so the tax services they provide are strictly for tax compliance.

Future Firm used to be like an Old School firm. But they were tired of the year over year stress that came with thousands of clients, and not that much revenue for all those long hours/late nights during the busy seasons. So Future Firm decided to stop stressing out each year. Their new approach was going to be proactive instead of reactive. They wanted to be able to do more than just data input and provide a better VALUE to their clients.

Future Firm started to go through the education and training to learn more about tax strategies that could add value to their firm and clients. But WHERE do they find new and exciting tax strategies? Well, Future Firm found Jackie Meyer and her CPA coaching online. TaxPlanIQ was the perfect product to help them take the next step. TaxPlan IQ has a library of tax planning strategies (with descriptions, links, resources, AND an implementation checklist), but it also has an ROI report that helped them show this value to their clients!

With TaxPlan IQ, Future Firm was able to come up with 5 great tax strategies for a good old fashioned individual client. These tax planning opportunities resulted in estimated year 1 tax savings of over $8,000 and future tax savings of over $33,000 in the next 10 years.
Because TaxPlan IQ was able to help Future Firm show the value of these tax planning strategies to the client, Future Firm was able to justify an increase in their old $750 per return fee to $2,400. The firm is happy because their revenue increased by 320%, the client is more than pleased because they now have a return on their investment with Future Firm of 570%. If the client were to have stuck with Old School Firm, they would have been losing out on all of those potential tax savings.

In the end, Future Firm went through their client list and cut down their existing clients to 750. They are now FOCUSED ON THE MUCH MORE VALUABLE planning strategies and are creating MORE revenue than they did when they followed the Old School Firm model. And to boot, they got to get rid of those clients that would drop off their tax documents (or shoebox full of receipts) at 4 pm on April 15th, expecting the return to be filed by the deadline!

Old School Firm is still stuck in the typical firm model, and is still at the office late at night, on tax day, doing tax compliance work for clients who don’t value Old School Firm’s time. They’re still stuck in the endless cycle of stressing out!

This case study is just one example of how TaxPlan IQ could help you improve your firm’s tax planning for your clients. So why be stuck at the office doing thousands of returns and not providing any real value to your clients?! Why stay stuck in the cycle of stress year after year?
If you already do tax planning, wouldn’t it be nice to have new and exciting tax strategies in one place? Within the portal housing all of the strategies, you would have access to an easy-to-use guide on how to implement, and a tool to help you show your client your value!

What client doesn’t like to pay the lowest amount possible every year on their tax return? And what firm doesn’t want to increase their revenue while simultaneously reducing their costs?

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“TaxPlanIQ is a game changer!  It decreases time, increases accuracy – it is efficient all around.  This app streamlines the process so I won’t leave out any important strategies and can add in custom complex strategies when needed.   I can use TaxPlan IQ with any potential or existing client and custom tailor a tax plan for them and at the end I have a proposal package wrapped up with a bow.”

Louise Cochrane of LF Cochrane & Associates, Alameda CA

The TaxPlanIQ checklist is EXACTLY what we needed. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off bouncing around to clients asking if they have implemented XYZ or asking staff what the status of the plan is!  This should be very helpful.”

Greg O’Brien of Greg O’Brien CPA  Boston, MA

“This app helps me to organize and optimize my clients’ tax strategies! Quickly and easily I can quote clients how much money they will save, implement strategies, then prove the projections with results tracking. The different presentations of the ROI sheet and checklists are extremely useful for me, my team, and our clients (with helpful indicators or which are internal and external). It’s the gift that keeps on giving; the strategies are continually updated, meaning my ROI on the investment of this product is exponential!”

– Kendall Broda, Taxes By the Sea Oceanside, California

“It’s a great way to do tax planning because Jackie’s ROI visuals are like a supercharged Excel spreadsheet! It’s worth its weight in gold for the monthly fee!”

-Jeremy Stark, Norberg Davis Bourne Painter, Washington D.C.