TaxPlanIQ is a game-changing tax strategy software.


Tax worksheets don’t have to confuse you, or worse, your clients; TaxPlanIQ is an accounting firm app (tax software) for CPAs that helps with tax calculations, tax planning, and tax organization. Tax planning becomes easier for you and your clients, increasing revenue for both of you.


TaxPlanIQ is an accounting firm app that streamlines tax calculations.


Made for accountants, by a top accountant and a team of top software developers, the easy-to-use tax planning app portal shows you and your team the critical client data all in one place. The platform is easy to train your team on and easy to present tax calculations to your clients.


Your new, improved, fully optimized tax firm awaits.


TaxPlanIQ software is a complete resource library with over ten years of tax planning strategy success at your fingertips. This easily navigated accounting firm app with 30+ proven tax savings strategies (and constant updates from our team of trusted tax advisors) enables accountants to simply select from and customize plans according to clients’ needs. The database then pulls tax strategies together to calculate potential cost savings to reveal ROI that your firm can offer to customers. TaxPlanIQ
has the intuitive capability to filter strategies based on whether it is available to a business entity or individual. No more guessing games, endless research, or worrying about what strategies will work.

Every month, our team uploads new ideas and links to IRS and third-party recommended vendors and other educational content. Your firm can always rest assured that they have access to the most updated, optimized tax strategy planning database, on the market—* Strategies developed in collaboration with expert tax attorneys.


TaxPlanIQ is the accounting firm app propelling accounting firms into the future.


How many times have you tried to calculate the cost of consultative services and blown the budget? For your firm or worse for your clients? What money did you miss out on because you didn’t have definite, concrete answers? Accounting is a numbers game, and you need to win!
TaxPlanIQ accounting firm app (desktop software) allows your firm to calculate the value of your tax planning services with a tax strategy quoting tool, then show your worth to your clients in an easy-to-understand breakdown.


Data calculations don’t have to be so complicated!


TaxPlanIQ pulls, calculates, and presents the data you need quickly without all of the endless Excel sheets (note – this is not tax projection software; tax strategy planning only). Calculations are completed through the tax planning app, so your firm can focus on making more money, by converting existing valued clients to higher valued services and tax planning strategies.


Your firm doesn’t have to chase dream clients – convert your current client base instead!


“Meyer Tax is by far the most expensive monthly cost for my business, but this line item in my ledger also increases my bottom line the most! The ROI in tax savings is staggering. I’m a client for life!” – Longstanding happy tax planning client, Bill Benishek
This accounting firm app allows your firm to bring the same value to your valued clients! TaxPlanIQ gives tax professionals the tax planning tools they need to complete tax calculations and easily present those potential savings your clients that they aren’t currently utilizing. Your firm can save them more money, simultaneously earning more money for your firm by offering higher-valued tax planning services. It’s a win-win for everyone, which is what you always want in any business!

TaxPlanIQ gives you all the necessary tools to make educated estimations on the cost of tax services. You can show your clients your firm’s actual value – no more endless formulas and calculators to make projections. Your firm will instead have data based on proven strategies that you can present to your clients to show your ROI (and finally have the resources to go beyond the dreaded billable hour and move toward value pricing). Your firm can start cross-selling and upsetting tax strategies with TaxPlanIQ to give your current clients what they want and need for their business – paying fewer taxes.


Your firm is wasting time the way it currently processes taxes.


TaxPlanIQ produces more productive accountants by allowing them to utilize the tax planning strategies approach. Data shows that accountants who utilize tax planning in their tax firms earn more revenue than those that don’t. This accounting firm app turns your tax firm into a money-making machine by offering tax planning services.

Your firm can stop just data processing and inputting numbers to process return and start going way beyond that into the most profitable accounting services, tax planning, using the accounting firm app TaxPlanIQ:

Go from being reactive and just processing the data that clients give you to process their returns, becoming a trusted tax advisor that is proactive and does actual TAX PLANNING, not only tax return processing!

Your firm won’t have to deal with more missed opportunities for your clients or you! With TaxPlanIQ, you can become your client’s essential tax advisor, fully capable of implementing the best time, and money-saving tax strategies. So you can finally begin to build a loyal client base and have both the $ and time (with value pricing) to work less, make more money, and take more time off!


Is your firm tired of waiting around to get paid?


TaxPlanIQ allows for full automation of acceptance and payment from any client in the US. This automated calculation, quoting, and billing for tax planning services make this accounting firm app a one-stop-shop tax planning tool and implementation software!


Do you still think that you need endless billable hours to earn a decent wage?


Think again. For the equivalent price of just two billable hours per month, accountants can now get FULL access to the game-changing accounting software approach (introductory rate of $300, to increase to full $600 in 2021).


Are you struggling to market your business competitively?


TaxPlanIQ will significantly increase your firm’s revenue (typically TRIPLE what you can charge for your services) with integrative marketing and implementation capabilities.


Communication with customers and your team doesn’t have to be so complicated.


Endless emails missed phone calls, lost snail mail, and poor internet video calls are bottleneck your business’ workflows. TaxPlanIQ, when integrated with Qount.io for Practice Management, allows your tax firm to seamlessly streamline workflows and correspondence (both with staff and clients). Within the accounting firm app, your firm can assign and track tax-related tasks, and collect and store tax documents, increasing your overall effectiveness. TaxPlanIQ serves as a fully functional, virtual, and secure client communication portal for accounting firms, so your firm can support existing clients and have more time to land new ones!


Accounting firms using TaxPlanIQ accounting firm app in a nutshell:


Tax Planning Strategies Streamlined in 10 easy steps, using accounting firm app TaxPlanIQ:

  1. The tax firm meets with customers to gather insights about liabilities etc.
  2. The tax firm crunches tax calculations using TaxPlanIQ.
  3. The tax firm presents tax planning strategies to the customer (making their ROI very visible)
  4. The customer agrees to purchase additional tax planning services.
  5. The tax firm quickly communicates with and assigns tasks to clients OR internal teams.
  6. The tax firm tracks correspondence, completion of tasks, and review notes within CRM.
  7. The tax firm and customer easily send files back and forth securely ((upload tax forms, etc.).
  8. The tax firm completes annual tax forms in record time for customers and secures their business for life.
  9. The tax firm and customers both work more efficiently and thus earn more money.
  10. Both the tax firm and customers can and take more time off!


The tools provided are used at the users’ risk level. Compliance with federal and state tax laws is still the responsibility of the user(s). TaxPlanIQ and all affiliates are not responsible for any non-compliance issues.