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Jackie Meyer – CEO of Meyer Tax Consulting, and Co-founder of The Concierge CPA™ Mastermind Program and The Concierge Accountant™ Course, now in a Joint venture with Qount, brings you TaxPlanIQ!

Jackie specializes in providing innovative, tailored Tax Strategies Planning to executive clientele ($5+ Mil + Net worth), Business Development, and Leadership Coaching Programs for a high return on investment. She leads her team of top-tier talent spanning across the US, which operates with 100% virtual workflows to manage all aspects of the tax planning process for their clients. She is a top-rated speaker, business coach, and social media influencer with thousands of students and followers.

Jackie’s Accomplishments: Intuit Tax Council, Forbes Finance Council, 40 under 40 CPA Advisor, AICTC Member of the Year, Intuit VIP Summit Thought Leader, and doctoral candidate in Strategic Leadership.


Why do you want to learn tax strategies from Jackie?

Jackie has taught her executive-level coaching students how to triple revenue and equally decrease their time (and make it easy to convert to value-priced pricing!). Her exclusive industry insider tools are made available within the software to make tax planning strategies easy. Tax firms can gain the top tax planning industry knowledge that it took Jackie and her team DECADES to garner – you can have all the tools to begin increasing revenue, without any of the necessary experience.


Why do you want to use software hosted by Qount?

Former Intuit developers have developed Qount, a cloud-based tax practice management tool that goes way beyond just traditional practice management (CRM). The comprehensive implementation tool has the capability for sustainable, scalable strategies that can be fully automated.

This innovative approach to practice management includes all firm workflows all in one place, creating a fully integrated experience for tax practices.

The team at Qount have brought together the best aspects of their technology and accounting to form Qount, and have partnered with Jackie Meyer to create TaxPlanIQ.

With TaxPlanIQ, it’s a winning formula.
No more endless excel sheets and formula mistakes!
Start working smarter, using a one-stop-shop for all things tax planning.
Data processing and tracking streamlined.
Ready to start?


Competitor Comparison


Tax Strategy SAAS Software


The Competitor

Who For?

Supplements a tax planner

Tries to replace the accountant


Pop in less than 5 numbers to see savings (we’ve done the work for you!)

Detailed questionnaire forms


Transparent pricing per month

$12,000 PLUS per year, not communicated up front


Upfront pricing and free trial – try it before you buy it! Certifiedconciergeaccountant.com students get an extended trial too!

Must do demo AND pay to get your hands in it


Ongoing support from the proven and experienced Meyer tax team for case studies


Tax Savings Potential

TaxPlanIQ offers unlimited savings & fees

Average tax savings only 20K capping fees at 10K


It only takes 15 minutes or less per client – multiples your time and profits!

It takes an hour or more per client to complete each tax plan

Enhancements (Product Roadmap)

We update our program constantly with YOUR feedback on a weekly basis, packing powerful enhancements each time


Implementation Checklists

Checklists available for accounting firm AND clients


Client Access

Client portal that includes an overview, to-do list, and trackers – easy to process and stay organized

A big, bulky, boring tax packet that is difficult to process and nearly impossible to stay organized 

Software Constraints

Flexible to work with any other softwares

Corvee tries to replace other systems 

Access to a Tribe

Free Facebook group with “anytime, anywhere” access to hundreds of peers and Jackie Meyer, founder 



Exactly what you ask for and need such as value pricing Bootcamp, additional training at certifiedconciergeaccountant.com or a Facebook community of 5,000 tax professionals 

Demo webinars and alot of marketing emails


TaxPlanIQ calculates, presents, and then proves your accounting firm’s worth to clients.


TaxPlanIQ is a tax firm app that improves workflow efficiencies. Through automated calculations, an intuitive search feature for straightforward implementation of tax strategies, and the assigning and tracking tax tasks, the app allows tax firms to convert existing valuable clients to higher valued tax planning services.


TaxPlanIQ is a tax organization software for the trusted tax advisor.


TaxPlanIQ streamlines workflows and efficiencies with its builtin brainpower – accountants can select appropriate possible tax planning strategies, and the software calculates complete quotes on tax planning services, detailing the client’s ROI on your services. Customer trust increases, as revenue does.


Tax strategies and staying organized become uncomplicated with TaxPlanIQ.


The tax planning professionals that developed this software have housed ten years of tax planning expertise into this one intuitive tool, TaxPlanIQ. Instead of drowning in endless heaps of Excel documents, the industry experts have combined into this accounting firm app the capability to calculate, collect data, and present tax planning strategies into one automated workflow process. Sequential tasks (and the inevitable research based on ever-changing state and federal tax laws year to year) that used to take so much time, now executed efficiently. Finally, with this accounting firm app, your tax firm will have business outcomes desired – working less and making more money – for both your firm and your clients!


TaxPlanIQ is a cloud-based software that identifies opportunities to reduce taxes.


When developing tax strategies, outsourcing CFO work, or any other typical tax planning consultative service, your tax firm can easily estimate a cash value for that service—no more guessing and no more missed opportunities for sales. TaxPlanIQ has a complete resource library available to tax planners with strategies consistently shown to bring, on average, a 200%+ ROI for tax planning services and annual increased revenue by 35%.


Tax planners can share, assign, and track tasks with clients and colleagues.


TaxPlanIQ is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for tax planners. The accounting firm app is capable of managing all of the tax firm’s interactions with all of the tax professionals on your team as well as customers. It’s proven: streamlining processes = improved profitability.


TaxPlanIQ keeps your tax firm connected to your customers.


TaxPlanIQ is an accounting firm app that tracks all business relationships (internal and external), including contact management and sales management. The overall productivity relating to sales processes improves for firms. Customers and colleagues can assign and track tasks so that nothing falls through cracks. Tax planners can convert existing valued customers to more valuable tax planning services through increased customer trust.


TaxPlanIQ is a tax software that was developed by industry experts.


The developers of this innovative accounting firm app are successful tax software developers (formerly with Intuit) and a successful tax firm operator (a top accountant in her field).
The SaaS (access from web browser online) accounting firm app solves issues to start providing the best tax planning strategies to tax planners and their customers in a simple, straightforward, easily navigated software format.


TaxPlanIQ has everything accounting firms need to grow and scale their businesses:


  • Internal and External Customer Communication – Collaborate with colleagues and maintain a dialogue with customers.
  • Task management – Assign and track tax worksheets.
  • Document management – Upload and process paperwork.
  • Automation – Streamline calculations of tax planning for customers, easily ROI breakdowns to present to clients, and efficiently invoice and accept payments for completed sales.
  • Data – Gather critical insights about your company’s efficiencies and workflows to assess performance analytics and KPI’s (key performance indicators).


TaxPlanIQ is an accounting firm software made with your firm in mind.


The makers of TaxPlanIQ understand that choosing the software for your accounting firm is daunting. Apps and software always seem to promise to streamline processes and increase efficiencies, but unfortunately, sometimes, these only end up making more workflows in the end. TaxPlanIQ team knows that the dreaded “busy work” is what your firm is trying to avoid by purchasing and implementing this accounting firm app in the first place. They also know that software can be challenging and unenjoyable to use. Lastly, they realize that the software accounting firms need should be catered to the products they offer within the platform.

Considering all of these needs, the developers of TaxPlanIQ have addressed all of the significant concerns to create this accounting firm app. All workflows – communication, calculations, and performance – are improved within this one powerhouse of an app. Implementing this easy-to-use app will give you a less obstructed view of your current business operations. At the same time, give you the time and tools necessary to integrate tax planning services into your tax firm’s products (and even move your firm toward value-priced services).

TaxPlanIQ is the best accounting firm app for accounting firms to step away from endless hours spinning wheels, stuck in the relentless cycle of the billable hour, and move into the modern firm of the future. The affordable platform expands the tax firm’s capabilities to deliver consistent results to clients. Since the software is a sustainable solution to increasing revenue, the ROI on investing in this tax planning tool can be exponential.

Investing in the right accounting firm app is not an easy decision, but you can trust that the TaxPlanIQ makers had you in mind.